Review of Acoustic Guitar Humidifiers

Guitar Humidifier

Keeping an acoustic guitar at a proper humidity level is critical for the long-term health of acoustic guitars. This is especially true in the cold winter weather, and worse if you live in a dry climate. If the guitar does not have enough humidity, the wood will dry out and possibly crack.

Guitars are simply wood and glue, so any change in temperature contributes to the expanding or contracting of the wood. Most experts agree that ideal humidity levels are between forty to fifty percent relative humidity, with a room temperature of 72 degrees.

So, what are the choices? Apart from using an effective guitar humidifier, I strongly urge that the guitar remain in its’ case when not in use.

Over the years I’ve experimented with several different guitar humidifiers. The Dampit has been around a longtime, but I’m bothered by the contact it has inside the body of the guitar. Even a drop of water on the inside of the guitar is not good.

Planet Waves makes a guitar humidifier that goes between the third and fourth strings of the guitar. It doesn’t touch the body of the guitar, but it’s difficult to judge when the inside sponge needs dampened, making humidification imprecise.

A home humidifier was not an option for me, so I continued to search for a good product. I stumbled across the Oasis guitar humidifier. A round cylinder is placed between the third and fourth strings, and held in place by a plastic crossbar. The greatest asset with this soundhole humidifier is that it shrinks up when it needs refilled, so it takes care of the guesswork. I use this humidifier on most of my guitars.

There’s one more option, which I use with my most expensive guitar. It’s the Planet Waves Humidipak. Leak proof packets go into two pouches that rest between the third and fourth strings. There’s also a pouch that holds a packet for the headstock area of the guitar case. This product works both ways; if the guitar needs humidity, the product provides it. If it’s a bit too humid, the Humidipak still works to maintain a forty-five degree relative humidity. When the packets gets hard, it’s time to replace them. It’s simple, effective, and leaves no guesswork.

Acoustic guitars need care in the summer as well to maintain the ideal humidity level. The use of a hygrometer helps to monitor these levels in the area you keep your guitar, whether it’s a closet, living room or bedroom. I do not recommend keeping guitars in the basement.

Remember also to allow your guitar to acclimate to sudden changes in temperature. Going from cold to a warm home can cause finish cracks if the guitar doesn’t have time to slowly adjust to the temperature change. Never put your guitar in the trunk of the car. Temperatures in the trunk of a car in summer or winter are too extreme for the guitar to handle. I don’t even leave my guitar in the backseat of my car, in any weather, unless it’s a quick trip to pick up one or two items at a store.

Take good care of your guitar and it will give you many years of enjoyment.

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Tower Air Purifiers Under $200 Than You Can Choose

If you notice a layer over dust on your furniture daily it could be its time to invest in an air purifier. There are many different models of air purifiers some expensive and some tower air purifiers under $200.00. There are several things to consider such as the size of the area the unit is to be used in. When looking for the ideal tower air purifier under $200.00 consider looking at several models before making a decision. Consider what the specific use for the air purifier is such as using it to purify the air in a child’s room that might have asthma, or simply ridding the room of dust, mold and other impurities that circulate in the air daily. One of the most important features for tower air purifiers under $200.00 is the design, the filter, and the quality of the construction of the unit.

Tower Air Purifier

There are a number of brands of tower air purifiers under $200.00 from which a consumer can select. One of the more popular models is the Honeywell HFD120 Tower Air Purifier with Ionizer. This particular tower air purifier is ideal for a room up to approximately 200 square feet and offers a number of features include LED touch button control, a permanent IFD filter which is washable, an oscillating feature, electronic filter check and is also Energy Star certified. The retail price is approximately $199.00 but was found online for $139.00.

Another excellent choice for tower air purifiers under $200.00 is the Honeywell HHT-080 Tower HEPA Air Purifier with Ionizer. The HEPA filter is one of the top of the line filters trapping up to 99% of circulating particles. Key features of this model include an independent control for the ionizer, 3 speeds, antimicrobial treated filter and the unit is also AHAM certified. This particular unit is ideal for approximately 169 square feet. The retail price for this model is generally $119.00 but was found online for approximately $89.99.

The Honeywell 60000 Enviracaire IFD Tower Air Cleaner is another excellent choice for tower air purifiers under $200.00. With features such as a permanent washable IFD filter, its compact size, built in ionizer, two cleaning levels and ability to purify up to 150 square feet at a retail price of approximately $179.00 make this model a great investment. This model was also found online on sale for approximately $59.99.

The Bionaire BAP 1500 Tower Air Purifier is another of the popular tower air purifiers under $200.00. Feature of the Bionaire Bap 1500 include a permanent permatech filter with HEPA type filtration removing up to 65%, optional ionizer and three speeds. The retail price for the Bionaire BAP 1500 Tower Air Purifier is approximately $137.00.

Another excellent choice of tower air purifiers under $200.00 is the Hunter QuietFlo HEPA Tower Air Purifier Model 730. Designed to purify an area of up to approximately 143 square feet, features include a separate ion generator, a QuietFlo HEPA particle filter, a carbon pre-filter at a retail price of approximately $174.95.

Before making a purchase on one of the tower air purifiers under $200.00 do check air purifier reviews as there are air purifiers sold with features for asthma sufferers and air purifiers sold for allergy suffers. A little research will ensure your investment serves you well.

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Fight Kitchen Drawer Clutter

A constant source of frustration for many cooks is finding the right cooking implement when they need it. It may be your favorite spatula, a wire whisk or your grandmother’s slotted spoon. Many cooks deal with this on a regular basis due to poor storage conditions in their kitchen. Typically, most kitchens have three or four drawers for storage. One drawer for flatware, another for dishtowels, and another for your cooking implements and of course there is the ubiquitous junk drawer.

Plastic and metal baskets or caddies are available from many retailers designed to organize your flat ware. Wooden blocks are available for storing your Chef’s Knives and other cutlery. The real organization challenge comes when trying to organize your spatulas, whisks, ladles, choppers and the like. We have all seen jars, pitchers vases and even coffee cans sprouting a myriad assortment of kitchen utensils. Often these tools end up forced into drawers, sometimes to the point of jamming the drawer. Fighting them is not the answer.

It is time to get some positive hang ups! I cannot take the credit for originating this idea. I saw something similar in my mother’s kitchen. Based on the hanging pot rack that has long been a fixture in kitchen around the globe she used a shower curtain rod supported by a pair of sturdy metal hooks originally designed as curtain hold backs. After mounting the hooks on the wall she then suspended a few metal s-hooks from the rod. Next she hung a variety of kitchen utensils and vessels.

I adapted her idea in my kitchen by using a metal curtain rod with similar tie back hooks and mounting it over the window above my kitchen sink. Next I created my own s-hooks using 5-inch lengths of wire from metal coat hangers. From these s-hooks I suspended my favorite and most frequently used kitchen utensil including my great-grandmothers slotted spoon and meat fork along with spatulas, egg turners, cheese grater and colanders, and food choppers.

Now, when I cook I can easily find what I need without digging through drawers or sorting through jars to find the right tool for the job. Additionally, this rack hanging over the kitchen sink means that after I have washed my utensils I can return them to their hooks where they can finish drying. Cooking should be a pleasure and not a scavenger hunt.

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What Are The Different Skill Levels Available in Embroidery Machine

If you are want to be master of the textile business then a best embroidery machine is surely helpful to you. This machine is really useful to the textile business and it is create the intricate design and patterns. Without the knowledge of this machine you can done a design and pattern even an entry level also need some practice and knowledge of this machine. There are different skills levels are there in the computerized embroidery machine such as

  • Entry level embroidery machine.
  • Intermediate level embroidery machine.
  • Larger designs and middle level embroidery machine.
  • Advanced level of embroidery machines for home use.

If you are beginner to this machines then the best machine, it has the below features such as easy thread, trouble free operation, pattern changing features and perceptive controls. If you are having the more experience in this machine then you can prefer the upgrade model of this machine.

When it comes to the entry level then it is best machine for the beginner and it has the combined features of the sewing and embroidery machine. At the same time it has the below features such as

  • Preprogrammed embroidery deigns
  • Beginner embroidery machine control

So this entry level machine is really suitable for the people who does not having the knowledge of computerized embroidery machine. There are plenty of designs are preprogrammed at your machine so you can select the best one based on your requirements. If you are thoroughly know how to use the entry level machine then you can try the intermediate level. So based on your skill you can select the best one and machines also designed based on your skill set. If you are looking for the best embroidery machine then click here to get the more information on the best embroidery machine.

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Working of a Dehumidifier by Adsorption or Absorption

A dehumidifier plays a vital role in keeping your environment free from dampness by removing the humidity content from the air. This high humidity is the major cause for many dampness issues at home which attract insects to your house. It acts as a vacuum and gets rid of the moisture from the room. The moisture in turn is collected with the help of a tank which needs to be emptied regularly. If you use a dehumidifier, you will find that it will keep your home fresh and devoid of any pungent smell that might be present due to dampness in wall or any other area.

Working of a Dehumidifier:

There are two ways in which a dehumidifier can work:

  • Adsorption or Absorption: This method is used to adsorb or absorb moisture from the room with the help of a drying material and then removing it.
  • Refrigeration:  This method is used to use a technology that is similar to that of a refrigerator to remove the moisture content from the room.

Adsorption or Absorption

Some of the dehumidifiers (not all) make use of mopping the water from the air and then squeezing it out with a water-holding material. Adsorption takes place when the water gets soaked into the material or absorption takes place when water is picked from the surface by the material.

Adsorption or Absorption Working of the Dehumidifier

The mechanism of the dehumidifier which operates by adsorption or absorption is as follows

  • Initially, the humid air from the atmosphere inside the room is sent via a passage, like a duct.
  • The humid air is now made to pass through a large rotating wheel that comprises of a material that absorbs water from the air.
  • This air is attracted with the help of an electric motor operated fan.
  • Air that is free from moisture content is then blown back into the room.
  • Below, a hot air duct is operated and its temperature is maintained with the help of an heating element.
  • The large rotating wheel is mate to rotate through the hot air which quickens the process of drying the air.
  • The dried air is then sucked through an electric motor and a fan.
  • On the other hand, an exhaust duct is use to blow out the hot wet air.

The best dehumidifier helps remove the unnecessary moisture content from the atmosphere. The human body itself is treated as water package, with about 60 percent of the content in the body being water. Hence a lack of moisture in the atmosphere will not affect us and will also keep the room fresh and the environment pungent-free. Installing a dehumidifier is a good way to get rid of bad odours inside the household that is caused due to dampness that accumulates over a period of time. This dampness will also attract small insects that will cause major health issues. So get yourself a dehumidifier and save yourself the trouble of dampness.

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